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Buying a house in the Netherlands for expats

For expats, buying a home in the Netherlands might look terrifying. Purchasing real estate is always a big step and doing so abroad is a huge step. It can feel very scary. Where do I start? What area do I want to live in? Can I get a mortgage as an expat? How do I find properties for sale? What is Funda? So many questions. Dames van de Meierij (Ladies of the Meierij) is a real estate agent that can help you take on all of these challenges to find your Dutch dream home.

Realtor in the Den Bosch area

Dames van de Meierij is a realtor in ‘De Meierij’, which is the area between 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Tilburg and Eindhoven. The offices of Dames van de Meierij real estate agency are located in Vught, a family-friendly village on the edge of Den Bosch with a fair amount of luxury real estate. From this area it’s only 20 minutes to Eindhoven, less than 30 minutes to Veldhoven and within an hour you’re in the center of Amsterdam. The area is very suitable for expats who want to be a closer to Amsterdam than, for instance, in Eindhoven. With their expertise in this area, our agents can help you sell or buy a house in De Meierij area.

'Don’t miss out, get an agent!'

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The Dutch real estate market in English

Getting an agent or realtor to help you with the purchase of a house in the Netherlands is always a good idea. There is currently a housing shortage in the Netherlands, so almost everyone is having trouble finding the right house. Also renting a house is often very expensive. Even if you are only going to be in the Netherlands for a few years, buying a house can be a better financial decision than just renting one. Dames van de Meierij have a near-native English speaker on their team, which makes them a great choice as an agent for an expat wanting to buy a house in the area around Den Bosch.

Full-service agent

As full-service purchasing and sales agents for real estate, Dames van de Meierij don’t stop at just helping you with the purchase or sale of a home. They will also set you up with people who can help you with a mortgage, renovations or even with an interior decorator. If you sell your house, they will take care of the styling and showings, so you can focus on your next step.

‘The collaboration with Dames van de Meierij felt like a warm bath. Personal in contact, punctual with appointments and businesslike in negotiations.’

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Let's meet!

Reach out and contact us if you want to know more about how Dames van de Meierij can help you buy a home in the Netherlands or sell your house in the Den Bosch area. We can make it so much easier, because buying a house for expats in another country is hard enough.

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